NFL News : The Steelers have an enormous advantage in the 2016 NFL season.

The Steelers have an enormous advantage in the 2016 NFL season.


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Those who wish to see the Pittsburgh Steelers hoist an unprecedented seventh World Championship will be ecstatic to hear this particular statistic.

According to CBS, the Steelers will be the least travelled team during the 2016 NFL season, travelling almost 1,000 fewer miles than the next highest travelled team. The team will venture 5,138 aerial miles in 2016, which equals out the the least among all NFL teams for the upcoming campaign.

In comparison, the Los Angeles Rams will travel a total of 32,072 miles this season, which is more than the Packers, Browns, Ravens and Bears will travel combined in 2016 (30,948 miles). This is largely due in part to the fact that they will participate in one of the London games, which clocks in at roughly 5,440 miles, which is more than the Steelers will travel the entire season.

Another underestimated advantage the Steelers will have is over their hated rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals will travel nearly as far on their trip to London (7,900 miles roundtrip) as they will for all their away games combined (8,966 miles). The Steelers will play the Bengals at least twice during the season, adding extra fatigue to their division rivals come game-time.

The statistics are telling when it comes to teams that wind up travel-weary during the season. The five teams that traveled the most in 2015 -- 49ers, Dolphins, Raiders, Seahawks and Chargers -- combined to go 14-26 on the road last season. Overall, the five most traveled teams have combined to go 31-49 on the road over the past two seasons.

This advantage can not be understated, as it could likely mean the difference between a couple of extra wins, or losses.

Here is how the miles break down throughout the season for each squad:

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