NFL News : The Steelers' probably hate what Le'Veon Bell admitted on Friday.

The Steelers' probably hate what Le'Veon Bell admitted on Friday.


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Le'Veon Bell said a lot of good things on Friday, but one particular tidbit of information might not make the Steelers confidence shoot through the roof.

The Pittsburgh Steelers' star running back took full responsibility for the three-game suspension the NFL has imposed on him to start the 2016 season, stating this would be the final time he discusses the topic.

The 24-year old posted a brief video on his Twitter account regarding the ban, and also stated “this is the last time I’ll speak about it.”

He began by apologizing to Steelers fans for his second suspension in as many years, saying he “never purposely missed any drug tests, I never failed any drug tests, and I haven’t smoked since December 2014. I want you to understand that.”

The video has since been deleted, and this is probably the reason why. Bell stated openly: “I haven’t smoked since December 2014.” Bell’s two-game suspension at the start of last season was for an arrest for marijuana possession and DUI in August of 2014.

While this is encouraging news, the Steelers may not look at it that way, as it means Bell continued smoking up to four months after being arrested. He has been clean for a while now, but if this statement is true, it means the gravity of his situation did not fully dawn on him until much later down the line.

The NFL elected to reduce Bell's initial four-game ban to three games, making him eligible to make his return against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4. Bell will also remain in the same stage of the league's drug program, leaving Bell with better options moving forward. Another violation would cost him a four-game suspension, instead of a ten-game ban for the same violation in a higher program level.

He got lucky this time around, but hopefully he realizes that if he has any further run-ins with the league's head office will likely cost him heavily in both reputation and monetarily.

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