NFL News : The three teams with work to do today on franchise-tag deadline

The three teams with work to do today on franchise-tag deadline

Three teams with three incredible players have until 4pm ET today to get long term deals worked out with their respective franchise tagged talents. But will any deals actually get done?

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Today is the day, and any franchise-tagged players who haven't signed an extension after 4pm et will have to wait until next year before pursuing longer term deals.

Essentially there are only three players and teams that have business to do today, and frankly, it doesn't look like any of them are interested in getting any deals done.

While there were several intriguing franchise tagged players potentially on the market this preseason, most of them have already signed. Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Kawann Short, Arizona Cardinals outside linebacker Chandler Jones, San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Melvin Ingram and New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul were all locked up to massive deals earlier this offseason.

That just leaves Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell and Los Angeles Rams cornerback Trumaine Johnson.

And how are those deals working out? Well, let's just say it would be a surprise if any of them signed long term, but it would be equally surprising to see any of them move.

Cousins is set to make $35 million for his one year extension on his third consecutive franchise tag. The problem of high cost could potentially force him out of Washington next season, a potential problem Johnson and the Rams also face.

Bell is expected to take the title of the NFL's highest paid running back with the Steelers, but whether or not he plays in Pittsburgh beyond this season is anyone's guess. Bell is the lone holdout to signing his franchise tag tender, meaning he may not report to training camp unless a deal is done beforehand. He's expected to make a least  $12.million this season, even if he has to have a standoff with the Steelers management to get it.

The theme this year seems to be players looking to get the term and guarantees that they believe a franchise-tagged player deserves, and teams looking for friendly deals that won't break the bank and commit too much salary to a single asset.

More details as the story progresses today.

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