NFL News : Titans’ first-round pick Isaiah Wilson arrested on Friday night.

Titans’ first-round pick Isaiah Wilson arrested on Friday night.

A bad start to his NFL career.

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If you ever want an example of how not to start your career in the National Football League you may very well want to look in the direction of Tennessee Titans first round draft selection Isaiah Wilson

On Friday night Wilson was arrested for driving while under the influence after he failed a pair of breathalyzer tests, blowing well above the legal limit on both those occasions. The Tennessee Titans are aware of the arrest and have released a fairly generic statement on the matter.

"We are aware of the situation," wrote the Titans in a statement. "This is not conduct that is indicative of the character of our football team and we are working through details on how to proceed."

When the Titans say they are working through the details on how to proceed here I believe them. The fact of the matter is that Wilson has set a terrible example since being drafted by the Titans and one has to wonder if the team may consider cutting him at this point given that he hasn't even cracked their starting roster yet.

Wilson has been a problem for the Titans from the get go with early reports suggesting that he came into training camp out of shape and with him landing on the COVID reserve list to start camp. That would have been bad enough but Wilson only remained on the COVID reserve list for a short period of time, that was of course until he was named in an incident report by Tennessee State University police who had broken up a party at an off-campus apartment complex, a party that of course any player in the National Football League should have steered clear of.

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