NFL News : Todd Haley tells great story about Bill Belichick

Todd Haley tells great story about Bill Belichick


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Maybe the biggest game of the NFL regular season is this week Sunday when the Steelers meet the Patriots in a battle for first place in the conference and probably home field advantage. Todd Haley was asked about his relationship with Bill Belichick

"Haley was the wide receivers coach/offensive assistant for the Jets from 1997-99, when Belichick was New York’s assistant head coach/secondary coach. And the practice routine would often involve Haley helping to prepare a scout team working off of cards diagraming opponents’ routes run against Belichick’s defensive backs.  

“I got a coach screaming at me that (a wide receiver) lined up 1 yard outside of the numbers instead of 2,” Haley recalled. “I’m like, ‘What’s the difference? He was just very particular about what he wanted. As a young coach I didn’t always understand that. But as I got older and more experienced I understood kind what he was yelling at me all the time for.

“It tells you why he’s been one of the best coaches in the league and why some guys are good coaches and some guys aren’t so good. It’s the details and continuing to harp and push, and sometimes it involves a little yelling and screaming to get guys to understand.”

Haley now coordinates the offense for the Steelers, who host Belichick’s Patriots on Sunday."

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Source: Steelers · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency