NFL News : Tom Brady silences all the haters with brilliant message on Instagram.

Tom Brady silences all the haters with brilliant message on Instagram.

Brady silences all his doubters.

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Throughout his entire career in the National Football League superstar quarterback Tom Brady has been a rather polarizing figure. There are fans around the world who absolutely love him, including many with absolutely no connection to the New England market, and there are of course a large number of people around the world who also hate the man. 

Whatever the motivation behind the hate for Brady, whether it be regarding questionable tactics or outright jealousy, there's no question that there is plenty of it and there's also very little doubt that the Patriots and Brady himself are acutely aware of that fact. Well on Sunday night the Patriots once again silenced all of their doubters with a terrific performance against head coach Andy Reid and his Kansas City Chiefs, eventually securing yet another AFC championship win in overtime. 

That being said though the sweet taste of victory simply was not enough for Brady who then took to social media following the game to gloat a little over his big victory. Now you could certainly choose to view this as petty or perhaps even childish but when viewed from the perspective of a man who receives tons of hate year round this is probably more along the lines of a little sweet and harmless revenge. 

On his Instagram account Tom Brady posted a short video clip that features both himself and superstar teammate Rob Gronkowski walking towards what appears to be a team bus. Neither man says a single word in the video but in the background you can clearly make out P. Diddy's, or Puff Daddy or Sean Combs or whatever name he goes by these days, "Bad Boys for Life" and the message that is being sent becomes rather clear. 

Both Brady and Gronk put some rather smug and all knowing looks on their faces as the lyrics of the song belt out "We ain't going nowhere." It's a clear message to everyone who has doubted Brady himself, Gronk himself, or the Patriots organization as a whole as they head towards yet another Superbowl appearance. There's no doubt that the Patriots have established themselves as the greatest dynasty in North American pro sports already, but by the looks of these 2 they aren't done yet.