NFL News : Tom Brady splits his pants during “The Match.”

Tom Brady splits his pants during “The Match.”

Poor Brady.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is having a pretty rough day on the links.

On Sunday Brady participated in Capital One's The Match, a golf competition that was broadcast live on television to literally thousands upon thousands of fans and unfortunately for Brady he was not in championship form. While most football fans are used to seeing Brady win and win consistently, fans got to see a different side of Tom Brady on the links today where he was clearly struggling at times. To be perfectly honest it made Brady seem extremely relatable and although he did not have the strongest showing for the most part I highly suspect that he is going to be walking away from this event with more fans than he had coming into it.

The worst moment of the day for Brady however came when he accidently revealed to the camera that he had split his pants, right down the middle of his butt, doing so while he bent over to pick his ball out of the hole after hitting the mark. It seems as though Brady's pants were already split at this point, but to be honest I can't be sure as I must admit I wasn't paying particularly close attention to his posterior before we got this close up shot.

I will admit that is a pretty embarrassing look for Brady, although to be fair I doubt that he will care very much, but in the end he will probably be happy about it. The reason Brady will be happy is that he sank one hell of a shot from the fairway prior to showing his torn pants to the world, and no doubt that is what people will be focusing on from this moment,

Here's a look at that shot.

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Photo Credit: Keystone Press