NFL News : Tomlin would allow Chris Boswell to try 'Rabona' onside kick again.

Tomlin would allow Chris Boswell to try 'Rabona' onside kick again.


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The problem wasn't in the strategy, but the execution.

Pittsburgh Steelers' head coach Mike Tomlin believes that Chris Boswell did the right thing at the end of his team's 21-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Boswell attempted a "Rabona" style onside kick which unfortunately failed miserably.

Boswell whiffed badly on the kick and left the Steelers with no chance of coming back in the game.

Despite this, Tomlin believes Boswell can pull it off.

"We felt comfortable about allowing him to deliver that kick based on what we've seen him do here in practice-like settings," Tomlin said, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. "Would I give him the opportunity again? I would, based on what I've seen in preparation."

Tomlin went on to say he had no problem with the play, only with Boswell's inability to "execute under pressure."

Boswell did manage to pull off this kick in the past, executing the play perfectly while in college.

It just goes to show, on any given Sunday, you're either a hero or a goat.

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press