NFL News : Tony Romo credits an unlikely attribute to helping his recovery.

Tony Romo credits an unlikely attribute to helping his recovery.


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Age may make the body break down more often, but the experience of being hurt means you know exactly what to expect from recovery.

Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo fractured his collarbone twice in the 2015 season, an injury he is all too familiar with. Romo had previously fractured his collarbone in 2010, and had a major back surgery in 2013.Throw in a punctured lung, and Romo is no stranger to recovering from serious injuries. Romo credits his age and history of injury as an important factor in helping his recovery.

"The thing you realize when you get a little bit older is you know what it takes, you know your body, you know the routine," Romo told SI Now. "So, it kind of goes a little bit smoother mentally than other people might think. I feel like for me it's just about continuing to train and get stronger as the years go on. And, little stuff's going to happen. The collarbone, no one was expecting that. Obviously it didn't help our season and my job is to come back and be healthy and strong and go play at my best."

Romo is currently deciding whether to have a plate inserted in his shoulder to help strengthen his weakened clavicle.

His previous experience will likely play a big factor as to whether he decides to go ahead with the surgery.

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