NFL News : Tony Romo responds to all the doubters.

Tony Romo responds to all the doubters.


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Tony Romo has responded to all the people who doubt he can continue on playing at a high level for years to come.

Asked about the longevity of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, the 35-year-old Dallas Cowboys' quarterback believes he still has several seasons of productivity left in him.

"There's no question, I'll be able to play for a while," said Romo, according to Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News.

Romo suffered an injury riddled season in which he fractured his collarbone twice and was lost for the majority of 2015. The Cowboys only managed one win without him in the lineup.

Another issue that instills doubt is Romo's history of back injuries. He quickly assured everyone that it has become less of an issue as he has aged.

"It's as strong as it's been in three or four years," Romo said. "That's exciting because you don't know that when you first go through some of the back troubles early on and have surgery, you don't know how it's going to come out, but I'm seeing a very strong side to it now where I'm able to do things that I wasn't able to do even last year. That's exciting to me.

"I feel like the joke is, I've said it before, as everyone else is getting older, I'm getting younger. You just got to go out and do it and prove it. I think next year you'll see a little bit different Dallas Cowboys team."

Romo will find out whether his fractured collarbone will require surgery later this week.

He is definitely one tough customer.

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