NFL News : Tony Romo's star shines bright after incredible predictions last night.

Tony Romo's star shines bright after incredible predictions last night.

Romo appears to have found his calling.

Published on by Jonathan Larivee in NFL News
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Fans in Dallas have known for many years now just how tremendous of a human being former Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo truly is but on Sunday night the rest of the football world got a real taste of just how brilliant Romo truly is.

As you would expect all eyes last night were on the AFC Championship match up between Bill Belichick and his New England Patriots and Andy Reid and his Kansas City Chiefs. It was one hell of a game with the Patriots once again cementing their dynasty as arguably the greatest team to ever grace an NFL football field and one in which the Chiefs never quit and showed a tremendous will to win until the very final play of the game. 

Although there were countless highlights in the game itself, a game that was marked by tremendous performances on both sides of the field, it may have been Romo who stole the show. Now of course Romo was not playing in the game itself but was instead calling the game from up in the broadcast booth as an analyst for the game, but so on point was that analysis that it has everyone in football convinced that the man is actually a psychic, or perhaps from the future. 

Romo displayed a truly staggering ability to read the plays in front of him on the field and made numerous outstanding predictions when it came to judging how the Patriots would set up a play and even how superstar quarterback Tom Brady would adjust after reading the Chiefs defense. If this had happened once or twice during the game you could simply brush it off as a lucky guess of some sort, but the consistency with which Romo was able to read the game before it happened was nothing short of stunning. 

Don't get me wrong I already had a tremendous amount of respect for Tony Romo. The man was not only a quality quarterback in the National Football League but he was also one of the toughest men in the sport, often times too tough for his own good, as well as being a charitable human being when off the field. That being said though I would be lying if I did not admit that my respect for Romo after last night has truly skyrocketed. 

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Photo Credit: Keystone Press