NFL News : Troy Aikman reveals his funniest Cowboys huddle story

Troy Aikman reveals his funniest Cowboys huddle story

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Troy Aikman recently shared his funniest story from a Cowboys huddle to the Dallas Morning News

"Daryl [Moose Johnston like to say] the huddle was pretty chaotic until I stepped into the huddle," Aikman said. "That's probably pretty accurate because I didn't tolerate conversation in the huddle. You're trying to get a play called, the play clock is winding down.
"There was one time: a game, I'm not going to say who the lineman is, but I started to call a pass play (in the huddle) and this guy got really upset that it was a pass play and kind of barked out that we needed to run the ball. I was quick to let him know he hadn't blocked anyone all day so he had no place and I didn't want to hear that again."

On Dallas' 2017 offensive line and running back Ezekiel Elliott, Aikman was a little nicer:

"I think they are coming together now whether that's because the offensive line is gelling now or because Ezekiel is getting more in tune with what's happening in front of him - probably more likely it's a combination of the two," Aikman said. "Ezekiel's been good for the last two weeks."

The Cowboys take on Washington on the road this Sunday in a 4:25 PM ET game. 

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Source: Dallas News · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency