NFL News : Update on Joe Haden's fractured fibula

Update on Joe Haden's fractured fibula

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Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Joe Haden returned to the practice field Wednesday, although like most of his teammates, he did little practicing, writes TribLive

Haden's return to on-field activity came in what he described as a walkthrough more than an actual practice.

“It's getting there,” Haden told TribLive. “We'll tell more tomorrow.”

The Steelers will ramp up activities Thursday in preparation for the biggest game in the NFL this season. Haden doesn't know whether he will be a part of it Sunday.

“We'll have a couple of (practices), so it might be all the way up until the game,” Haden said about his availability.

Haden was injured Nov. 12 at Indianapolis and spent the past four weeks in recovery. He was cleared to run on the indoor practice field Monday, and repeated that workout Tuesday.

“It was backpedaling and cutting,” he said. “(Thursday), I'll be able to tell more going through individual and team drills to see how my leg holds up.”

Asked how Haden's leg felt Wednesday after the workout, he told the news outlet, “It's a little sore, but we'll figure it out.”

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Source: TribLive · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency