NFL News : USA Today predicts these teams will meet in Super Bowl

USA Today predicts these teams will meet in Super Bowl

Interesting choices

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The writers at USA Today have selected the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers as this year's Super Bowl favourites. There was some debate whether it would be the Packers or the Seattle Seahawks in the final, but let's assume they put the Packers in front of the Seahawks for a reason. 

Here's what the brains at For The Win had to say:

Luke (Patriots, Seahawks):

I keep going back-and-forth on whether the Seahawks belong in this group alongside the Patriots, but ultimately, I think they do. Injuries to Russell Wilson held them back last year and they got to the divisional round. A clean slate this season, plus the bad teams in its division getting even worse, and they could certainly go all the way in 2017.

Charles (Patriots, Packers, Seahawks): 

I also struggled where to put the Seahawks, but ultimately, they’ll be among the NFL’s elite this year. Period. I’m already pumped up for a Seahawks-Packers NFC Championship Game, which feels like a foregone conclusion heading into the season.

Steven (Patriots, Packers): 

My explanation is simple: This is a quarterbacks league and the Pats and Packers have the two best quarterbacks in the world. New England is the prohibitive favorite in the AFC, and I think we’ll feel the same way about Green Bay in the NFC by November as long as the defense can just be mediocre.

The Patriots finished 14-2 and eventually defeated the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. The Packers won six consecutive games to end the season 10-6, ultimately losing to the Falcons 44-21 in the NFC Championship. The Seahawks went 10-5-1 and similarly were eliminated by the Falcons. 

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Source: USA Today · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency