NFL News : Veteran leading by example in Green Bay

Veteran leading by example in Green Bay

He's back with the team that drafted him, and the Green Bay Packers stand to gain some huge benefits from his return both on and off the field.

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After two seasons in Jacksonville, cornerback Davon House is back and Green Bay and he's leading by example.

House isn't taking his second stint with the Packers for granted, something he proved with his much-reported use of Twitter to secure himself a ride to Green Bay to make the team's OTA's on time.

After convincing some local Packers fans to drive him four hours from Minneapolis to Green Bay, catching just a few winks and showing up to OTAs bright and early, there's no doubting House's commitment.

That kind of leadership is exactly what the Packers need from House on a team that sports a host of young talent. The seven-year veteran has a lot of value off the field in Green Bay now.

House has been working closely with cornerback coach Joe Whitt since signing his 1 year, $2,800,000 contract with the Green Bay Packers. He was originally selected in the fourth round of the 2011 NFL Draft with Green Bay's 131st pick, and played the next four seasons in Green Bay.

Whitt has been blown away by House, who he coached in his first stint in Green Bay, saying:

“He’s gone as far as any leader has gone in the room. He knows this is an important year not only for the Packers, but for him as well. I’ve been pleased and it’s real. It’s not anything he’s trying to put on (with) a false leadership role. It is genuine and it is real.
“That’s what he wanted to do. He’s grown. It’s silly to me, but he’s a different guy. He’s a great guy. He’s a fun guy. He’s a trusting guy. I wouldn’t have done it, but he did.”

It sounds like the Packers are getting exactly what they want, and need, from House. 

He had a career season in 2015 with the Jaguars, but his numbers doped drastically last year, starting only four games and recording 17 tackles. Those numbers probably reflect a change in the Jaguars style more than a major step backwards for House, but he's more than keen to prove himself both on and off the field this year.

That's great news for the Packers.

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Source: Wes Hodkiewicz - · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS