NFL News : Veteran running back trashes Peyton Manning after retirement announcement.

Veteran running back trashes Peyton Manning after retirement announcement.

Some very harsh words for the former NFL quarterback.

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For most people who are in any way connected to the National Football League, whether it be executives, players, the media and even fans, the expected announcement of retirement from Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was an opportunity to salute a great career.

Whether you were a fan of Manning's or not, when objectively looking at his career, it's hard to deny that he was a terrific player who the ability to make those around him better players while under his leadership. However not everyone had nice things to say about Manning following the big announcement, including Pittsburgh Stellers running back DeAngelo Williams. Williams was very, very critical of Manning on social media, and while he did sneak in a little compliment, he immediately following it up with more very colourfully worded criticism.

"Look Peyton is a Hall of Fame quarterback who couldn't play dead in a Western last year, but career overall was astonishing, but last year was s***," said Williams via his officlal twitter account.

That wasn't all, as you can see below Williams had some very creative, and rather funny, jabs to throw Peyton's way following the highly critical tweet, and something tells us, based on the tone of his comments, Williams was having a little fun with the hole thing. Nonetheless it's also fair to question how vitriolic some of the comments from Williams appeared to be, after all unless you can read minds no one really knows how much of it was genuine and how much was jest.