NFL News : Video proves Josh Norman antagonized Dez Bryant.

Video proves Josh Norman antagonized Dez Bryant.


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Josh Norman continues to act innocent in front of the cameras, but it's those same cameras that will be his undoing.

The Washington Redskins' cornerback saw tensions boil over with Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Dez Bryant on Thursday. Following the Cowboys' win, Norman and Bryant got into a physical altercation that ended up in a day's long war of words. Norman continually insisted Bryant was the antagonizer, routinely trying to get a rise out of the fifth-year defensive back.

But the video seems to show otherwise.

There were two incidents during the game where Norman put cheap shots on Bryant. The first occurred when Norman clearly goes out of his way to step on the fingers of a downed Bryant. Bryant pulls his hand away to avoid getting a cleat on his fingers.

The second incident was even more blatant, and dangerous. After catching a pass up the middle, Bryant gets tackled and is clearly down on the ground. Norman then holds on to his leg and twists it violently. Keep in mind that Bryant is only a fw weeks removed from a knee fracture.

So while Norman can act innocent in all this, the video proves otherwise.

Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press