NFL News : Vikings make dumbest hire of all time | Around the NFL

Vikings make dumbest hire of all time | Around the NFL

This is, uhh, interesting

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Remember when you were finishing high school you thought you were really cool and then 10 years later you were like, "wow I was such an idiot in high school"

The Vikings have hired 18 year old "Gen Z" expert Jonah Stillman as their new "Gen Z advisor".

This is dumb and begs of a team trying to be hip for literally no reason at all. 

"Stillman’s actual role will be consulting the Vikings on “a variety of club business initiatives, including team marketing and fan activation efforts, Vikings Entertainment Network (VEN) and digital media content and strategy, U.S. Bank Stadium fan experience, STEM opportunities with the future Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center and workplace culture.” If that sounds like a complicated way to say “he’ll help us relate to teens,” well, guess what, that’s more important than you might think because, as the Stillmans’ website warns, “If you try to treat Gen Z like the Millennials, it will backfire!” "

via Deadpsin

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Source: Deadspin · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency