NFL News : Von Miller comes to Cam Newton's defense.

Von Miller comes to Cam Newton's defense.


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Von Miller approves of Cam Newton's style.

The Denver Broncos' outside linebacker had praise for the man he will be attempting to hit at any opportunity come Sunday at Super Bowl 50.

The Carolina Panthers' quarterback has been criticized for his outlandish celebrations this season, but Miller is not one of those critics.

"That’s one of my favorite quarterbacks. Peyton (Manning) obviously is my favorite quarterback, but other than that, it's Cam," Miller said last week, per USA Today. "I don't think there's another quarterback that's ever played the game like he does, especially the way his personality is on the field. I'm just a big fan of everything he's got going for him."

Both men are explosive playmakers for their respective teams, and both are extravagant in their celebrations. For his part, Miller sees much of himself in the way that Newton plays the game.

"I mean what, dancing after he makes big plays? I mean, I do the same thing. If I was a quarterback, I'd probably be doing the exact same thing," Miller said.

Hopefully the celebrations will be because Miller was able to sack the talented, but misunderstood quarterback on many occasions come Sunday's pivotal matchup.

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