NFL News : Von Miller gives the Broncos an ultimatum.

Von Miller gives the Broncos an ultimatum.


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Von Miller wants a multi-year deal, and he appears willing to sit out as long as it takes to get one.

The Denver Broncos pass-rusher provided an update Thursday on Instagram, stating that while he loves his team, there's "no chance" he plays the 2016 season under the franchise tag.

Miller's bold stance comes just one day after he indicated in an interview with Chelsea Handler he doesn't see any scenario where he'd sit out the year.

The apparent clarification suggests he's merely maintaining optimism at the chances of striking a long-term deal, rather than being unwilling to stage an extended holdout altogether.

Both sides remain intent on reaching an agreement ahead of the July 15 deadline. What's unclear, however, is whether the differences can be settled in that time.

Miller is reportedly willing to sign a six-year, $114-million deal. The Broncos have made an offer in that range, but there's work to be done when it comes to structure.

Negotiating from a position of power after a dominant Super Bowl run, Miller is thought to be seeking a contract that includes more than $60 million guaranteed.

Further complicating matters is the record-breaking extension Fletcher Cox received from the Philadelphia Eagles this week. Miller could easily now demand more than his $63 million guaranteed, setting yet another record for non-quarterbacks.

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