NFL News : Von Miller only needs one second to get to Tom Brady.

Von Miller only needs one second to get to Tom Brady.


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The New England Patriots aren't superhuman, and do breakdown in protection of Tom Brady from time to time.

While the Patriots and Tom Brady have the potential to limit an explosive Denver Broncos pass rush due to good protection and Brady's ability to release the ball quickly, linebacker Von Miller doesn't seem to care how quickly Brady sets up to throw. When asked what the Broncos will do when Brady gets the ball out of his hands in two seconds, linebacker Von Miller had the answer.

"You said two seconds? Sometimes I only need one," Miller said Wednesday, according to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.

"It's quick, we're just going to have to be tight in the secondary and that little window we get, we have to get there," Miller added. "No excuses, we just have to get there, plain and simple."

Once again arguably the NFL's top edge-rusher, Miller's performance will have a significant impact on the outcome of Sunday's AFC Championship Game.

His 11 sacks throughout the regular season, including one against the Patriots in Week 12, led the way for Denver's defense in finishing with a league-best 52 as a team.

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