NFL News : Von Miller's performance means big money this offseason.

Von Miller's performance means big money this offseason.


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Now that Von Miller has climbed the ladder and made it to the top of the football world, his offseason will be full of fun and financial reward.

''I was just talking to Coach Kubiak, I was asking if you could make the plane do backflips on the way home,'' Miller said Monday after accepting the Super Bowl MVP trophy from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

''It's definitely going to be a magical week for us. I am looking forward to spending time with my teammates going on tour.''

Miller and the rest of Denver's dominating defense led the Broncos to a huge 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50, which will mean Miller should be leading the way during the team's Super Bowl parade on Tuesday.

Miller, who overcame a drug suspension and torn knee ligament in 2013, was the very first draft pick by Elway, who calls him the best player on the planet.

''He wins the football game for us,'' Elway said in the jubilant locker room Sunday night.

There's no way, he'll get away from Denver, either.

''No. I don't think so,'' Elway said. ''You never know, but we don't want him to (leave). We want Von to stay in Denver and we're going to do everything we can to work it out.''

Miller's mind isn't on money just yet. It's the nonfinancial fruits of success that he's soaking all in.

''The Super Bowl MVP is special, but the Super Bowl ring is something that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I'll be able to be with my brothers for eternity,'' Miller said. ''I'll be able to be with those guys for 100 years from now and that's truly beautiful.''

As for contract negotiations, Miller said he's sure ''it's going to be a peaceful thing. I am not really worried about it.''

Some of Miller's teammates were eager to proclaim Denver's defense the best ever, but Miller wouldn't go there.

''I'm uncomfortable with comparisons. The game is the way it is because of the players that have come before us,'' Miller said. ''All these great defenses, they really put their necks on the line for the game. I'm uncomfortable with comparisons, but the type of defense that we played this year was special.''

It was Miller's infectious enthusiasm that loosened the locker room and raised the bar on the football field, too.

''He loves to play,'' coach Gary Kubiak said. ''And as a football coach, there are a lot of talented players out there, but when you find the guys that just really love to play (that's special). He's become a mentor to a lot of young players on our football team. They look up to him. His future is so bright. But I'm just really proud of him as a man.''

Goodell, who suspended Miller for six games three years ago for violating the league's drug policy, praised the fifth-year pro who's grown into a superstar.

''I remember meeting Von for the first time when he came into the draft almost five years ago from Texas A&M. When we met Von, you know he has a sense of purpose,'' Goodell said. ''He was a young man that understood what he wanted to accomplish both off the field and on the field.

''He continues to do that, and he continues to impress us. He's the kind of young man that plays this game at the highest level and does it off the field also. Von, we're proud of you. You did a terrific job yesterday. We're glad to give you the MVP trophy.''

Miller thanked God, his family, his teammates, his coaches.

''I was just telling Commissioner Goodell who would have ever thought?'' Miller said. ''Truly a blessing.''

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