NFL News : Watch: Bengals' Burfict gets flimsy ejection call, fan gives him the finger

Watch: Bengals' Burfict gets flimsy ejection call, fan gives him the finger

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It's hard to defend a repeat offender in Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, but Sunday's ejection call from referee Jeff Bergman was flimsy, at best. 

Per ESPN, Burfict was ejected in the second quarter of Cincinnati's 24-20 loss to the Titans on Sunday because of contact with an official.

Burfict was in on a tackle of Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, who was diving for the end zone on a run. The officials marked Mariota short of the touchdown, and shortly after, Burfict appeared to make contact with the official.

The down judge, Jeff Bergman, had a hand out to hold Burfict back from more back-and-forth with a Titans offensive lineman, and Burfict knocked his hand away.

"He [Burfict] has to understand, I've pointed it out, in those situations, everybody is over there and you can't push back," coach Marvin Lewis said. "Sometimes what happens, you push back and it's the official, you can't do that. He knows better. We pay a price, we pay a price because he hurts us when it's on the field that way and then he's not on the field, so both ways."

Two plays earlier, Burfict was called for a personal foul after hitting DeMarco Murray late out of bounds. Murray scored a rushing touchdown on the play after Burfict's ejection.

To make matters worse, a female Titans fan appeared to scream expletives at Burfict and gave him the finger as he left the field: 

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency