NFL News : Watch: Ex-NFL QB now weighs over 500 pounds

Watch: Ex-NFL QB now weighs over 500 pounds

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Former New York Giants gunslinger Jared "The Pillsbury Throwboy" Lorenzen has struggled with weight following his NFL playing days. Despite playing semi-pro ball as early as 2014, Lorenzen now reportedly weighs over 500 pounds.

“Right now, if I didn’t wake up tomorrow, it wouldn’t be a shock to many people,” Lorenzen said in a video posted on Facebook Friday. “‘Well, yeah, you know, look how big he is? Damn.’” 

Per, there's certainly a silver lining in this story for the man also known as "The Hefty Lefty":

Lorenzen has gone public with the fact that he now weighs 500 pounds and is planning to make a documentary about his struggles with controlling his eating and getting himself back into shape. He said he hopes it inspires children to make healthy choices.

“We want to make sure kids get involved,” he told “My [part] is going to be the educational side of it with the kids. Letting people know that, ‘Hey, you need to have healthy choices in food, you need to exercise, you need to do some of those things you hear about or you could become big like this. I fight my demons every day, so I’ve got to continue to work at it.”

Lorenzen doesn’t have an ideal weight in mind, but he wants to get healthy enough that his blood pressure is normal. His planned Jared Lorenzen Project documentary will show what he’s doing to get there.

The project is being put together by filmmaker Anthony Holt, whose 2015 documentary “Gone In An Instant” told the story of former basketball Wildcat Antoine Walker’s journey from multi-million dollar NBA player to bankruptcy and how he has remade himself since.

As part of the doc, Holt hooked Lorenzen up with two high-profile fitness and nutrition experts in Gunnar Peterson, a celebrity personal trainer to Hollywood stars and pro athletes, and Philip Goglia, a nutritionist and former body builder whose credits include getting actors in shape for roles in a number of Marvel superhero movies.

Here's a quick highlight pack from Lorenzen's 2014 season in a semi-pro league. Later that season a severe ankle injury knocked him out of football:

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Source: NBC Sports · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency