NFL News : Watch: Frustrated Elliott abruptly ends interview

Watch: Frustrated Elliott abruptly ends interview

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Ezekiel Elliott really didn't want to talk about his suspension. 

The star Dallas Cowboys running back practiced Wednesday for the first time since serving his six-game suspension but cut the interview portion short after being asked to share details of his absence. 

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"I'm not really going to talk about it," Elliott told reporters. "It's behind me. I'm just trying to start a new page, a new chapter. I'm going to thank this Cowboys organization for being behind me. Thank my family, my team, and my friends for just supporting me through that time and especially the Cowboys fans who have stuck by me through this tough time and haven't lost faith in me ...

"But I'm not talking about it anymore. This is going to be the last time you hear me speak about it, so please don't even ask me about it," Elliott said.

Well, they kept on asking him about it. 

After admitting he's excited to be back with his teammates, a reporter asked Elliott if he would talk about what he did during his six games away from the team. He replied, "No."

Reporters persisted, leading Elliott to reiterate that his focus was on Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks. One question later, the second-year back abruptly ended the interview, telling the media he was done.

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency