NFL News : Watt brothers already looking forward to NFL showdown

Watt brothers already looking forward to NFL showdown

J.J. Watt is joined in the NFL this season by both of his brothers, and they're set for a family showdown this season!

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Freshly signed Steelers offensive linebacker T.J. Watt is already looking forward to his first NFL season, and one game in particular.

You see, on Christmas Day, 2017, a good portion of the Watt family will be together in Houston. The Steelers will be visiting the Texans, which means T.J. could, in a Christmas miracle, get a chance to play directly against his older brother, J.J. Watt.

J.J. is a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year entering his 7th season with the Texans. He’s as excited as anybody to see his brothers in the NFL.

"It will be very cool," J.J. said, speaking at the Texans' annual golf tournament. "It's pretty incredible. It's still wild to all of us to have all three of us in the NFL. It's a really exciting time…My parents are trying to figure out their fall travel schedule. It's really fun and really cool and Christmas Day is definitely going to be something special."

"It's such a unique and special bond that we get to have in that we're all going through something that most kids kill to go through," J.J. Watt said. "A family would kill to have one kid go through and we're so fortunate to get three people to go through it. Same with Derek. It's a lot of fun in those workouts because it's three NFL athletes in the same family. Every single day we're competing in the workouts. Whether it's the sprints or the jumps or the lifts. Everything is a competition. I think that's what makes you better, that's what makes you grow.”

Derek Watt, a fullback, was drafted by Diego Chargers in the 6th Round in 2016.

It’s impossible to determine if Derek or T.J. will have the kind of NFL success that their older brother has had, but they’ve already begun turning the NFL Draft into a family tradition.

The Watt family has at least three teams to track and cheer for this season, now that’s a football family!

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Source: Aaron Wilson – · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS