NFL News : What happens when you bet against Tom Brady?

What happens when you bet against Tom Brady?

One Patriots fan made the mistake of betting against Tom Brady's inherent ability to perform in the clutch. Here's the hilariously touching fallout of that foolish mistake.

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It's something you should never do, especially if you consider yourself a Patriots fan. So what could make a lifelong New England faithful bet against Tom Brady during last years' Super Bowl?

You mean besides the score heading into the 4th quarter? Because even for Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots, what happened there was stunning.

The Moran family are die-hard Patriots fans. But even that wasn't enough to keep Mr. Moran from hedging his bets against Tom Brady as the team stared down a 25-point deficit.

The kids had been bugging him for a puppy for some time, and this seemed like a surefire way to put the issue to rest while conveniently passing the responsibility for saying 'no' to the Patriots.

If New England could come back and win, they'd get their puppy. If not, end of story.

Let's take a look at how that turned out:

Never, ever, ever, bet against Tom Brady.

Source: Patriots Twiiter · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS