NFL News : What kind of year can we expect from Cowboys' aging star?

What kind of year can we expect from Cowboys' aging star?

Big drop or steady production from the 10-time Pro Bowler?

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Dallas Cowboys resident leader and tight end Jason Witten is entering his outer-worldy 15th season in Arlington. He's been a model in consistency in the Big D, having caught 1,000 yards four times and at least 80 passes on six different occasions. 

But as the Dallas Morning News recently pointed out, his receiving yards dipped to its lowest since his rookie year in 2016, to 673 yards. He also hasn't averaged more than 9.5 yards per catch since 2014, when he was hauling in at least 11 yards on average. 

The News argues that fans shouldn't expect a big drop in the 35-year-old's production. However, Dallas fans should be ready for at least somwhat of a decrease.

It wouldn't be a surprise to see Witten's statistics drop from last season. But expect any decline to be incremental.
Witten won't serve any sort of honorary role in this offense. He can still play. His Pro Bowl days -- he has 10 of those, by the way -- may be behind him but he still performs at a high level. His work ethic, ability and pride will only allow him to dip so far.
The team's elder statesman still has more to contribute on the field and in the locker room.

To date Witten has caught 1,089 career passes (7th all-time) for 11,888 yards (27th all-time). 


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Source: Dallas News · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency