NFL News : Where does Denver's GM sit on the All-Time QB list?

Where does Denver's GM sit on the All-Time QB list?

Senior NFL analyst Gil Brandt came up with a list of who he considers to be the best Quarterbacks to ever play the game, and John Elway made that list. But where did he sit among the greatest of all time?

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Senior NFL Analyst Gil Brandt knows football. He's lived it since the 1950's. The former NFL executive worked in the league from 1955-1988, the majority of that time spent with the Dallas Cowboys.

He's one of those guys who has forgotten more about Football than most of us will ever know. One thing he does know is that John Elway is one of the best the game has ever seen. Brandt included him on his list of the Greatest Quarterbacks of all time.

According to Brandt, Elway is the 5th best quarterback ever, winning out over guys like Terry BradshawDan Marino, and Brett Favre, among others.

Elway's two Super Bowl wins, Super Bowl and regular season MVP awards, 9 Pro Bowls, 51475 career passing yards, 300 career touchdowns, 33 career rushing touchdowns, and 148 career victories leave little room for argument. Since being enshrined in Pro Football Hall of Fame, Elway has returned to the Broncos as General Manager, looking to lead Denver to more Super Bowl glory.

Should he have been rated higher, and who exactly took the number one spot, according to Brandt?

You can find his entire list, and who he named as the greatest quarterback ever, right here.

Source: Gil Brandt - · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS