NFL News : Wife of Bills' kicker threatens to castrate Richard Sherman.

Wife of Bills' kicker threatens to castrate Richard Sherman.


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Richard Sherman played a great football game last night, but he did make a ton of people angry in the process.

The Seattle Seahawks' cornerback drew the ire of Buffalo Bills' fans after a questionable play on special teams. Sherman was determined to be offside on a Bills' field goal attempt and was whistled for it, but he continued to dive to block the kick attempt and crashed into kicker Dan Carpenter's legs.

Sherman was not flagged for unnecessary roughness on the play, though senior VP of officiating Dean Blandino said he should have been given a 15-yard penalty.

Well that explanation was not good enough for Carpenter's wife, who basically said she would like to castrate Sherman for his actions.

Kaela Carpenter tweeted out a disturbing image of a tool called a bander, which is used to put a rubber band around the testicles of farm animals until they fall off.

She added the caption: “I know what we do on the farm when a male can’t control his own rage. #LuckyImNotThere #Sherman#ActLikeAnAnimalGetTreatedLike1”

Seems ironic that someone so clearly unhinged is telling Sherman to control himself.

For his part, Sherman took the high road and responded to Carpenter in classy fashion.

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Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press