NFL News : Wife of ex-49ers coach after firing: shave your moustache, lose weight

Wife of ex-49ers coach after firing: shave your moustache, lose weight

Sometimes the wife knows better than you do

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Ex-49ers head coach Jim Tomsula received some hard advice from his wife after he was fired by the 49ers after the 2015 season. 

Tomsula's wife wasn't too pleased with his overall get-up, and promptly informed him that he would be making changes. Specifically, he was instructed to get rid of his moustache and lose 20 pounds.

"My wife said, 'Man, you look old and scraggly. Get that off,'" Tomsula told the Washington Post. "Her and the daughters. I said, 'Ok, let me shave that off.' She said, 'And by the way, you've been fat for 20 years. Lose some weight.' So I got on a diet and shaved my mustache. I'm not dyeing my hair though."

Now he looks more like the guy in this article, which is to say, a lot nicer. 

Chip Kelly took over for the 2016 season before he was dumped by the 49ers too. Now the head coach is Kyle Shanahan, the Falcon's former offensive coordinator. 

The firing wasn't all bad for Tomsula though, as the 49ers reportedly paid him nearly $15 million to leave. Now he's the defensive line coach for Washington and he's looking a little fitter. 

"A year away from football appears to have been kind to Tomsula, who is now back doing what he did best: coaching up the defensive line," wrote CBS Sports. "He was considered a very good position coach before taking the 49ers' top job. Washington needs a lot of help up front, as its run defence was one of the weakest in the NFL last season. If he does a good job there, maybe Tomsula gets another opportunity to step into the big job one day in the future." 

It seems Tomsula is more comfortable returning to coaching the defensive line rather than an entire football team.

“I don’t know everything about anything,” Tomsula told the Post. “I like that [the defensive line is] a different kind of a guy, a different group in there. The O-line is more cerebral. The D-line, you’ve got to be pretty smart for what we’re asking to do. They’re a bit nuts, you know? It’s almost like The Muppets in there. I’m a Muppet, so there it is.”

Evidently the coach also likes what he sees after the Redskins' recent minicamp.

“I’m excited about the whole group,” Tomsula said. “I know maybe this isn’t the most popular, but they are to me. They’re a fun group to coach, and I’m really excited about what they’re doing.”

Source: Washington Post · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency