NFL News : Will the Cowboys part ways with veteran RB?

Will the Cowboys part ways with veteran RB?

It might be over for him in Dallas.

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The Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott has really exceeded the expectations last season. Since he secured his position as the team's RB1, we have come to wonder what is going to happen to Alfred Morris. Dallas' veteran running back was supposed to challenge Darren McFadden for the starting post last season, but after the latter's serious elbow injury and Zeke's successes, the situation has changed.

However, even though Morris' role with the team is not as important as he would have hoped it to be, he reportedly still has an exemplary attitude. According to Cowboys' running backs coach Gary Brown, the 28-year-old RB handles this situation in a very impressive way:

“Straight pro. Doesn’t talk about it. Doesn’t mention it. Comes out has fun with it. Enjoys being around his teammates. That’s the kind of guys you need.”

Both him and Elliott have had successful rookie seasons. Zeke played 15 games in 2016, in which he recorded 1,631 rushing yards - an average of 5.1 yards per hand-off - as well as 15 touchdowns. Back in 2012, Morris racked up similar numbers: 1,613 rushing yards, an average of 4.8 per run and 13 touchdowns.

His positive attitude could clearly make him a good fit somewhere else. But for now, he is still a Cowboy and plans to show everyone he still has what it takes to have success in this league.

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Source: 247 Sports · Photo Credit: Keystone Press