NFL News : WR claims fan called him N-word prior to outburst | Around the NFL

WR claims fan called him N-word prior to outburst | Around the NFL

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Washington wide receiver Terrelle Pryor says a fan called him the "N-bomb" several times before he held up the middle finger to fans at Arrowhead Stadium after a 29-20 loss to the Chiefs.

Per ESPN, via Instagram Stories, Pryor wrote that he was called this "several times to the point where an NFL employee had to step to me and stand by me the whole game from second quarter on is the exact reason why guys are kneeling during the anthem."

Pryor, who has stood during the anthem, said that after hearing someone call him the N-word and then having fans shout obscenities, "me flicking the person off is more deserving."

"I do apologize to my teammates and the organization," Pryor wrote. "But at some point you keep calling us The N word .. we going to start acting up. #straightlikethat."

The postgame exchange was caught on video and replayed on, though mostly what is heard is someone shouting "f--- you." Pryor returned the shouts using similar language and flipped his middle finger toward the fan.

Pryor then started at the person, raising his helmet, only to be restrained by Redskins strength and conditioning coach Chad Englehart. Pryor then continued to the locker room.

Washington wide receivers coach Ike Hilliard, among others, walked past Pryor during the exchange, and Hilliard briefly turned around as Pryor started toward the fan. Another fan shouted to Pryor, "Do something, Terrelle! Do something, baby!"

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency