NFL News : You can't hate Dak after reading this

You can't hate Dak after reading this

He's creating a legacy

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Dak Prescott is an absolute stand up dude. There's just no debating it. 

You can have all the "sports hate" you want for him and the Cowboys but as a person and what he's done in the community is just great. The other day he surprised the son of a slain Mississippi deputy who are MSU Bulldogs fans.

Deputy William Durr was killed in the Brookhaven shooting spree in May leaving behind wife Tressie and son Nash 

"On Friday, Tressie [wife of William] and other members of the Durr family told Nash [son of William] they were just going to get out of town for a little while, and Saturday they all put on their shirts that honor Durr's memory and told Nash they were going to a botanical garden.

But instead of going to look at the plants, Nash found himself meeting Dallas Cowboys quarterback and former MSU standout Dak Prescott."

What a great gesture!

Source: Pro Football Talk Twitter · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency