Videos : Breaking: Video of “Jerseygate” suspect comes to light.

Breaking: Video of “Jerseygate” suspect comes to light.

Video of a potential suspect has been uncovered.

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Investigators currently looking into "Jerseygate" may have just stumbled onto a major clue.

NFL insider Jay Glazer and radio personality Colin Cowherd recently discussed a newly uncovered video that shows what they believe is a new suspect in the investigation, a suspect that may very well end up being the mastermind behind multiple such scams.

In the video you can clearly see the man enter the Patriot's locker room with a bag over his shoulder, and it is believed he then left with Tom Brady's Superbowl jersey in his possesion moments later.

An interesting aspect of this story is the fact that this man is believed to be a possible suspect for other such robberies in the past.