Videos : CeeDee Lamb with a catch of the year candidate.

CeeDee Lamb with a catch of the year candidate.

What a catch.

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This is as good a catch as you're ever going to see in the National Football League, or at any level of football for that matter. 

On Sunday's slate of games was a matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings, and there's little doubt that all the talk coming out of this game is going to be focused on Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. During the game's second quarter, with the Cowboys down a single point by a score of 6 - 7, Lamb pulled off what will no doubt be a catch of the year candidate with a ridiculous grab in the endzone to give the Cowboys the lead.

The coverage from Vikings cornerback Jeff Gladney was actually pretty good on the play and it took a heroic effort on the part of Lamb to stretch out and make the catch at an awkward angle. There was no doubt about the fact that this one was good however and, as he should after a catch that good, Lamb was quick to celebrate in the endzone.