Videos : Cowboys' Cole Beasley injured after enormous hit.

Cowboys' Cole Beasley injured after enormous hit.


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Cole Beasley may be small in stature, but he makes up for it by being one tough customer.

The Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver looked to have suffered a serious injury after finding himself on the receiving end of a crushing hit from Adrian Amos during Sunday's game between the Cowboys and Chicago Bears.

Cowboys' quarterback Dak Prescott connected with Beasley on a third down early in the first quarter Sunday night, and Beasley who wound up paying the price. Amos flies in with a full head of steam and crushes Beasley with a solid hit to the ribs, sending him careening backwards. Beasley appeared to be in a lot of pain and needed time to gather himself before coming off the field.

Beasley would leave the game momentarily with a chest injury, returning shortly after. The play was initially ruled a first down, but Bears' head coach John Fox’s challenge reversed the call.

It's not everyday you see a player who can soldier on after taking a hit like this.

Here is the play:

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Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: The Football Feed