Videos : Joe Burrow suffers horrific injury on Sunday and is carted off the field.

Joe Burrow suffers horrific injury on Sunday and is carted off the field.


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We would like to warn our readers that this one is not for the faint of heart.

On Sunday Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow suffered an injury that can only be described as truly horrific, so much so in fact that some broadcasts have elected not to show the replay of the injury. I must admit that is somewhat unheard of for me in my time covering the National Football League, but I can certainly see why major networks would choose to not to do so in the middle of the day while children are watching. 

That being said fans, like myself, are extremely curious and if you are anything like me my morbid curiosity demanded that I go back and see how this one played out. That being said we've got it for you here and as you will see the damage appears to be entirely focused on Burrow's left leg, a leg that buckles under his own weight and the weight of the defenders that are collapsing in on him as he takes the hit.

There's no getting around the fact that your leg is just simply not meant to bend that way, and it comes as no surprise that members of both sidelines were left shocked at what they saw on the field. In a rare moment of unity in what is an ultra fierce and ultra competitive discipline, the Washington Football Team and it's players showed tremendous class in taking a knee for the downed Burrow. Perhaps the most telling part of this whole situation was the looks that you could spot on the faces of individuals players as Burrow was helped by training staff and medical professionals before eventually being carted off the field.

The Bengals of course also shared that same concern for Burrow, but in their case this will no doubt have a tremendous impact on their futures this season. I can hardly blame any of their players for reacting the way they did, especially considering just how bad that leg must have looked from their perspectives down on the field next to Morrow. 

Once again, this one isn't pretty folks.

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Photo Credit: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images