Videos : Police release shocking video of Tiger Woods' arrest!

Police release shocking video of Tiger Woods' arrest!

You have to see it!

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The police released a video of Tiger Woods' DUI arrest, showing the golfer in a quite unflattering situation on Monday morning. It was later obtained by TMZ.

According to the Business Insider, "The first officer on the scene described Woods as "cooperative," but said his speech was "slow and slurred" and "hard to keep eyes open.""

Here is another video of Woods, who is unable to walk in a straight line during sobriety test:

Woods has been battling with back problems for years now and underwent yet another season ending surgery just months ago. The former golf superstar is still pretty vocal about his intention to comeback to playing on the Tour and winning majors, but it seems every day is worst than the previous one for him. 

Source: TMZ · Photo Credit: Keystone Press