Videos : Seahawks' Doug Baldwin praises fellow teammate!

Seahawks' Doug Baldwin praises fellow teammate!

Wow, we could say this is a heartfelt testimony!

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 It is fair to say everybody in the Seattle Seahawks' locker room is happy to have safety Earl Thomas back on the field, after he suffered from a severe leg injury, last December. It affected him not only physically, but also mentally: the 28-year-old had never missed an NFL game before last season. 

Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin was relieved to have the chance to practise alongside Thomas, and had really kind words for his fellow teammate.

"You know, you could say that Earl is the smallest guy out there in the back end, but he has the biggest heart and he plays with the biggest chip on his shoulder. He plays with the greatest confidence, you know, just like you said he's out there making plays and we call him the eraser because when the offense has an opportunity to make a play, he erases it. He's done that consistently."

Head coach Pete Carroll also commented on Thomas' return, saying he is "running around doing everything, flying around the field, and getting his confidence back. It’s really been a cool thing to see because I know how much he wanted to find out himself, and he’s been able to discover that he’s in good shape and making good progress to camp… He’s flying around now," per

You can watch Baldwin's full interview right here:

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Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: Keystone Press